Core & Strength Development


Sometimes people just want to look and feel good even if they don’t play sports. Core training is a fairly new focus in the training industry but has always been a focus of the Pressure Red trainers. Your core consist of more than just your abs. It is responsible for the muscles that stabilize your spine and pelvis. Having a strong core keeps your athlete off sidelines nursing sports injuries as well helps heal lower back pain and makes walking and running easier.

Developing this area of your body:

The core includes the traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats. These areas work together to stabilize the entire body. Because you or athlete sits for a minimum of eight hours a day this has a tendency to weakening the muscles in the midsection. Scientist have proven that strengthening this section will prevent issues with scoliosis and other lower back health problems.




Core training helps our athletes control the many muscles responsible for flowing energy to the different areas of the body while in motion during sports activities. We focus on strengthening your lower back, abdomen, and upper/lower body. There are many benefits to participating in a training program designed solely for your core.


Improves balance

  • Body control
  • Power
  • Stability
  • Reaction of central nervous system
  • Reduces the risk of a sports injury


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